Weekday fish cooks


Pit set at 350 Grill Grate and frog mats
Orange Roughy Sweet potato fries and some veggies.
Turning veggies with grill grate tool Turning Fish Notice one piece.
Sweet potato fries take around 20 to 25 minutes. The fish and the veggies around 15 minutes. By putting the serving plate on top of the warm box when you put the fish on will warm the plate.
Ready to take off. Take two pair of tongs and grab the frog mats on the side so it rolls the fries toward the center. Then slide of the grill and pour on the serving plate. Ready to bring inside. All was good but the sweet potato fries had the biggest improvement over cooking in the oven. The wood flavor is just what these need.  
First a little John Henry Catch of the day seasoning. Mix the bread crumbs with the apricot barbecue sauce.Spread over orange roughy filet
On the MAK smoke setting for 30 minutes then reset to 350 until the fish temp hits 145 Finished product.Very good the barbecue sauce was a nice touch with the bread crumbs.